About us

About Scottish Friendly

Scottish Friendly is one of the UK’s leading financial mutuals and has a history stretching over 150 years. As a mutual, Scottish Friendly has no shareholders; it is owned by and run for the benefit of its members.

Established in 1862 as the City of Glasgow Friendly Society, we adopted the name Scottish Friendly Assurance in 1992 following transfer of business from another Scottish mutual. Today Scottish Friendly operates as a financial services group that provides a wide range of financial products and services.

As at 31/12/17 Scottish Friendly had over 550,000 members and was looking after assets of more than £2.7 billion.

Encouraging children's literacy

For 20 years, The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour has supported the Scottish Book Trust on its mission to help improve children’s literacy. Initially touring within Scotland and now throughout the UK, the programme focuses on deprived communities and remote areas with top authors visiting schools across Scotland and the rest of UK to help encourage a love for reading, writing and illustration.

Since the tour began in 1998, we have seen 100,000 children across 1081 schools – that’s enough children to fill Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall 50 times! We have successfully toured 89 authors including Jaqueline Wilson, Steve Cole and Michael Morpurgo and by the end of 2016 we reached 37% of the 2524 schools in Scotland.

We are incredibly excited about our monumental 20th anniversary and are creating a series of tours that will be bigger and better than ever. To tie-in with this special year we’ve produced a wonderful new version of Letterfall, the literary online word game that kids, adults and everyone in between can enjoy.