Play for your chance to win a £25 monthly prize!

How to play Letterfall

Play our word game by capturing falling letter tiles from the screen and creating words with them. Sounds easy right? Well not when you add in the forfeits for not using the timer tiles in time or the letters that have to be used twice before they disappear. What's more some of the tiles can only be removed by blowing them up!

You can use special tiles to create various bombs to use against forfeits or to remove unwanted letters, and if you manage to use the timer tiles in time you can earn bonus points. It's a highly addictive game and once you start playing you'll realise how quickly you need to make decisions around creating words.

For full details on how to play click on the 'Help' option within the game menu

In order to connect to Letterfall with Facebook or Twitter please make sure the Scottish Friendly website is added to your Pop up Blocker allowed sites list.

How to win

Play the game and try for the highest score. You can Tweet your score if you wish, however make sure to enter your full name and email address (so we can contact you if you win) and be sure to 'Submit your score'.

The player with the highest score at noon on the last working day of each calendar month will win a £25 My Rewards card. It's that simple!

Each month’s winner will have the option to compete in a Championship Play-off in the January of the following year to play for our Letterfall Championship Trophy and a £50 My Rewards card.

Read the full terms and conditions here

Just play for fun

Just play for fun

Fancy playing against your fellow countrymen, just for fun? You could brush up on your skills and try for a high score on our Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland game pages. Please remember that any scores achieved on these pages will not count towards the Letterfall Competition on this page.

Who are Scottish Friendly?

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